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Artivists.net is an online platform to facilitate the horizontal communication, coordination and cross-pollination of creative activists working to build a more just and resilient planet. We are creators, incubators, makers, dreamers, recyclers, storytellers, dancers, painters, weavers and trickster; working in the context of the global climate crisis. We believe that cultural creators must take a lead in imagining, articulating and crafting the world we want to inhabit because they have experience turning ideas into reality. We invite you to join us in taking leadership in crafting The Great Transition. We are in a time of dire beauty: We will need everyone to bring their unique skills to accomplish what we know is necessary.

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africa 19 members

Black continent Artivism for the climate change action.

airpollution 64 members

Clearly this is a massive problem in major cities around the world. Alot of it is tied to emissions from vehicles, but in places like India and China, there is a massive connect to their reliance on coal. And therefore, the larger climate connection. Many groups have begun working on air pollution as an issue, and there is a big need for creative tactics to get the message across. This group can help move that work forward. Looking for easy to implement, low cost ideas to help make the climate connect.

americas 98 members

Un grupo para artivistas en las America organizando contra el crisis climatica.

anthropocenes 20 members

Human stories have developed during 400 generations of relatively stable climate. What folktales do we tell in the age of climate chaos & the anthropocene?

artivist-alarm 51 members

The Artivist Alarm is a global collaborative project to communicate the current and future impacts of the climate crisis. The purpose of this project is to create a platform to facilitate creative communication about the reality of the impacts of climate change. We plan to collectively create a artistic translation of the alarming scientific findings by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. As Artists we have the chance to support the scientific community by translating their findings of climate impacts into the language of the heart.

artivists 283 members

Join this group. It is the main coordination page of global projects for artivists. net. We are what we've been waiting for.

asia 40 members

A place to gather for artivists based in Asia.

climatechangeandconsciousness 113 members

When I change, the expression of my self also change and this has an impact on my direct environnement. What kind of change can we bring in our consciousness which will impact our art and so the people who will connect with us ???

coal 71 members

This is an issue group focusing on coal.

connect-the-dots 9 members

"Connect the Dots" is an ongoing creative campaign to connect the dots between extreme weather and climate change. Whenever your community is affected by extreme weather, we encourage you to organize a creative "dot" action - to show the local impacts of a global crisis.

constructionskills 39 members

designing, shaping, making, constructing, building, modifying things! we are good with hands and body and know how to use some tools, we have spatial and practical imaginations and we may have some tools. We like making object and material based things yah!

cop21 133 members

This is a group to talk about global arts organizing in the context of the COP21 Climate Conference in December, 2015.

cough4coal 6 members

Cough4Coal is an international creative campaign highlighting the health impacts of coal on our bodies, communities and ecoysystems.

deforestation 95 members

Forests are vital for life, home to millions of species, they protect soil from erosion, produce oxygen, store carbon dioxide, and help control climate. Forests are also vital for us to live as they provide us with food, shelter and medicines as well as many other useful things. They also purify the air we breathe and water that we need to survive. Deforestation by humans is causing all of these necessary functions to be lessened, and hence damaging the atmosphere even further. Burning forests to clear land for agriculture releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases. What can we do to save them and restore what was lost?

divestment 82 members

This is a forum for sharing creative action ideas and experiences for the global divestment movement.

erolesproject 24 members

The Eroles Project is an experiment into community living and collaboration currently taking place in the Pyrenees with artists, activists and social change makers. We are joining together to dream, share and make creative actions/ artworks calling for climate justice to take forward to COP21.

europe 119 members

fracking 72 members

This is a group focused on hydrolic fracturing ("fracking").

impacts 110 members

This is an issue group focusing on the impacts of climate change.

musicians 61 members

A group for the creation of collective music projects to fight climate change and its causes, and to celebrate what we are organizing to create.

photography 90 members

seachange-flotilla 3 members

SeaChange: We All Live Downsteam will be a three-week journey in early September down the Hudson River in small boats made of paper. We will begin our journey in Troy, NY and end in Manhattan. Along the way we will be convening community assemblies and artistic collaborations to share stories of resistance and resilience – strengthening local networks and collectively planning future collaborations. We will visit sites of existing and planned destructive infrastructure as well as sustainability projects. We will end with a circumnavigation of Manhattan and a press conference on the opening day of the UN General Assembly on Climate Change. This project is intended to demonstrate an innovative new form of story-based community activism, drawing a literal narrative through-line on the map between disparate actors in the ongoing resistance to extreme energy, while creating a deeply transformative experience for all involved. The waters of this world cannot be contained – We All Live Downstream

soundswarm 10 members

The Sound Swarm is a form of participatory acoustic intervention, a mobile noise orchestra ready to disrupt the wicked, soundtrack the wonderful, and generally bring the noise. At the moment of writing (16 November) this group is formed to quickly decide if there is the critical mass of persons with technical & musical skills to make a Sound Swarm for COP21, focused on dates of the Red Lines actions and Climate Games (11/12 December). If this is your jam than please REQUEST TO JOIN, we look forward to hearing from you! Looking for people with skills in audio, music, wiring, soldering, streaming audio, and possibly bicycle mechanics & welding.

tarsands 48 members

This is an issue group focusing on the extraction of tarsands.

testgroup 7 members

This is a test project group

undercovercop 23 members

Creative rebellion in the context of the COP21

visual-arts 133 members

For all visual arts.